V111 Engine Assembly

Category: Engines

  • Fits chassis built for Evolution Engines
  • 4-1/8 Bore 4-1/8 Stroke produce less vibration and longer engine life
  • 9,8:1 compression ratio and S&S 585 cam gives wide powerband
  • Large cooling fins increase the cooling efficiency
  • The S&S HVHP oil pump and iston cooling jets lubricates and cools down internal parts 
  • S&S Super E carburetor with the Classic Teardrop Aircleaner
  • S&S Super Stock ignition module with built in 24-hour break-in rev limiter
  • 2-year warranty
  • Available in natural alu - black wrinkle & chrome - black wrinkle & gloss black or polished finish
Price: From 71 600 sek excl VAT