S&s Super Stock Crankcase For Sportster & Buell

Category: Blow-out sale

S&S Super Stock Crancase fits 1986-03 Sportster and 1994-03 Buell. Makes it possible to use 1986-90 cams and tappets with 1991-03 five-speed, clutch and  alternator. Together with all other options included  gives the possibility to build the ultimate bottomend.

  • 1986-90 4-vxl cams and tappets will fit. tappet guides is included
  • 1991-03 5-vxl transmission and alternator fits
  • Billet Trap-Door that is included gives the possibility to use different lubricants in the primary and gearbox.
  • All bearings are mounted in the crankcase
  • Cylinderstuds are mounted
  • Stock 3-1/2" cylinders fits, the case can be bored out to fit 3-13/16 cylinders
Price: 29 236 sek excl VAT
Now 23 600 sek excl VAT