Tc3 Oil Pump & Cam Plate Kit

Cam plate and oil pump upgrade kit for Twin Cam engines. It is not campatible with stock spring-loaded chain tensioners, This kit is designed for use of hydraulic cam chain tensioners like 2007-2017 TC and 2006 Dyna or S&S Hydraulic Tensioner Kit 330-0158 if chain driven cams are used. If gear driven cams are used the oil ports to the tensioners has to be blocked with parts included in the kit.  

  • CNC machined forged alumininum cam plate
  • Oil pressure can be adjusted without removing the cam plate from the engine, factory setting is approx 40 psi
  • The oil pump has one feed section and two scavenge sections. One for the flywheel cavity and one for the cam chest.
  • Built in screens and magnetic traps protect the pump from debris
  • The pumpdesign allows more pinion shaft run out
  • The cam plate is not compatibel with 1999-06 H-D oil pumps and/or spring loaded cam chain tensioners
  • Cam plate is available separate. Stock H-D 2007-later TC oil pumps can also be used.
Price: 8487 sek excl VAT